Custom Thermoplastic Extrusions & Tubing for Industrial Equipment

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For over 65 years, Crescent Plastics has been providing high quality, high precision custom thermoplastic extrusions for industrial equipment of all types. All of our custom tubing and extruded plastic shapes are made to match our customers’ exact design specifications. We will work with you to develop the best solution for your unique application.

The Thermoplastic Extrusion Experts

Industrial equipment OEMs of all stripes trust our thermoplastic extrusion capabilities to deliver the high quality, high precision custom extruded shapes and tubing they need. We’ve produced thermoplastic extrusions for:

  • Filtration products
  • Concrete forms & structural members
  • Metallic-look 
  • Foam profiles
  • Edge protection
  • Fascia plates & panels
  • Cable sheathing
  • HVAC components
  • and more

We work with an array of thermoplastic extrusion materials, including commodity thermoplastics and engineering thermoplastics. Crescent Plastics can produce custom extrusions in nearly any shape you need, no matter how simple or complex, and from most any type material. We can deliver custom tubing as small as 0.188” in diameter and custom plastic profiles up to 20” wide and larger.

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Design Assistance for Thermoplastic Extrusions

Our expert engineering team can provide design assistance at any point in the product development process, whether you have nothing more than a rough sketch or a completed prototype that’s ready for full-scale production.

Our engineers can help with everything from material selection to design suggestions to optimize your thermoplastic extrusion for faster and more efficient production. We can provide 3D printed samples for fit, form, and function testing. We use DFM (design for manufacturing) methodology to support recommendations for optimum quality and production efficiency.

Cost- & Time-Saving Processes

All our extrusion dies and downstream tooling are built in-house to minimize costs and production time and to ensure the quality and accuracy of our custom extruded plastic shapes. Our DFM approach helps to provide maximum efficiency, while secondary services such as pad printing, hot stamping, assembly, and kitting help you get your product to market faster.

Advanced Technology for Superior Quality

We use state-of-the-art thermoplastic extrusion equipment and production machinery that enables us to maintain our customers’ required tolerances and the complex geometries of their designs.

The #1 Source for Custom Thermoplastic Extrusions

Crescent Plastics has the experience and the expertise to deliver custom thermoplastic extrusions that meet your unique requirements.

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