Custom Plastic Extrusion Resources

Crescent Plastics is one of the top profile extruders in the country, with extensive experience in custom tubing and plastic extrusions for applications in a broad range of industries. Our custom plastics resource materials and information provide a helpful guide in determining the plastic extrusions and profiles best suited for your project specifications.

ABS vs PVC Plastic Tubing Extrusions

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are commonly used as pipe building materials since they are non-toxic and abrasion resistant. Once formed into pipes, these materials are used throughout the construction industry for a variety of purposes. When compared to other construction materials, both ABS and PVC materials provide numerous benefits that make construction and plumbing jobs a whole lot easier. These advantages include increased strength-to-weight ratios, enhanced durability, excellent insulation qualities, and low overall costs.

Polycarbonate & Acrylic Plastic for Light Fixtures

Advanced lighting applications utilize rugged and lightweight acrylic and polycarbonate plastic materials to deliver state-of-the-art optical advantages. Crescent Plastics is a leader in LED diffuser manufacturing. We help you choose the right level of diffusion, which is critical for LED Lens profiles.  Crescent provides design support to find the right material blend, diffusion, efficacy, aesthetics, fit, cost, and quick turnaround on tooling.

Reshoring Initiative

Many manufacturers in the U.S. are noticing that sourcing offshore can often come with unanticipated risks. Reshoring can solve the long lead times associated with shipping products overseas, issues with quality, political instability, communication, and most recently, country-wide industry shutdowns. Many customers are turning to Crescent Plastics as a solution to minimize their risk.

Sustainability Initiative

Though different kinds of plastic degrade at different rates, plastic can take hundreds, even thousands of years to biodegrade. By using recycled plastic to create new products, Crescent Plastics’ sustainability initiative supports long-term environmental health. Whether it’s a positive environmental impact through reducing waste and increased use of recycled materials, Crescent Plastics’ sustainability initiative aims to increase eco-friendly products.

Case Studies

Our Interlocking Plastic on Point of Purchase Displays and manufacturing Durable License Plate Brackets case studies provide detailed analysis of two projects Crescent Plastics has recently completed. These case studies allow our customers to understand our capabilities as a full-service plastic extrusions company.

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