Trusted Manufacturer of Plastic Extruded Products

Since 1949 Crescent has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic extrusion products. We also provide in-house tooling and custom engineering and design for all your company’s plastic profile extrusion needs. Crescent welcomes the opportunity to combine our experience and expertise with the challenges of your next plastic extruded products program.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of High-Volume Plastic Extrusions

We focus on what we do best: Custom Plastic Extrusions and Fabrication. The Crescent Plastics thermoplastic extrusion engineering team is an extension of your company. We will work with you to provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) assistance, which ensures the most cost-effective and functional design for your plastic extruded products.

In addition to DFM assistance, we also offer:

  • In-house tooling to reduce extra shipping or handling fees
  • Custom engineering that meets your unique challenges head-on
  • Quick turnaround on quotes
  • Large range of sizes - from 1/4 inch to 20 inches wide

Crescent utilizes the latest in AutoCAD and Solid Edge CAD modeling technologies to assist you in optimizing your company’s plastic profile extrusion designs. When customization, precision, and cost of your plastic extruded products are equally important, put our company’s custom plastic extrusions expertise to work for you.