Custom Plastic License Plate Brackets

A custom plastic composite was just what one customer needed to replace a galvanized metal for the license plate bracket on their trucks. Crescent has assisted several major OEMs in designing a license plate bracket made from a thermoplastic olefin material. The results speak for themselves.

Benefits of Using Plastic for License Plate Holders

Our custom extruded plastic works wonders in the transportation industry. The benefits our customer enjoyed after replacing their metal plates with our custom plastic plates included:

  • Weight reduction from 5 pounds to less than 1 pound per piece
  • Inherent corrosion resistance – No rust
  • Excellent cold temperature impact (-40° F)
  • Optimum balance of stiffness and flexibility
  • Molded in color (galvanized look) also available in black.

Durable Plastic License Plate Brackets From Crescent Plastics

We have been in production for more than five years and have not had one complaint or rejection. Your employees will not need to worry about a sharp edge cutting their hand while handling this profile. As a metal plate will bend, this TPO material will flex, therefore looking better over years of exposure. 

Contact us today for a free quote on custom plastic license plate brackets and learn how we can help you with your project!

a black license plate bracket from crescent plastics