Improve Display Unit Functionality with Custom Interlocking Plastic

The client, a major OEM of Point of Purchase Displays, wanted to optimize the performance of a display unit for their products while eliminating a gluing operation in the assembly process. The gluing process cost our client additional time and money and raised environmental concerns with the company. The glue was detrimental to the employees and prevented the entire display from being recycled due to the use of different plastics. 

Acrylic Interlocking Design Saves Time and Money

We carefully listened to the client’s challenges with their existing product and offered solutions to help achieve their design goals.  The original display unit was created as a single piece-which meant if any piece should break, the entire unit had to be replaced.

Crescent worked alongside the client to develop a new design, which included interlocking parts that could snap together easily. To accomplish this task, a vac-form piece was constructed into which clear acrylic extruded pieces would interlock. The snapping features were created in-line on the plastic extrusion using a series of routers that indexed the tabs onto the clear acrylic part. This in-line routing saved our customer money by providing a value-added feature without the extra labor to perform a secondary operation. We have a niche for providing value-added features that can be performed on-line.

Eliminating Glue is Better for the Environment and Reduces Downtime

The elimination of the glue solved several problems. It resolved an environment issue and allowed the entire unit to be broken down piece by piece for recyclability.

This interlocking function reduced the assembly time, saving the client time and money, and eliminating any potential hazards to the environment. The new design also allowed broken parts to be replaced quickly and easily, offering significant savings on the in-house repair of the display unit.  

Save Money with In-House Assembly at Crescent Plastics

Our team achieved a three-dimensional aspect on a two-dimensional part, allowing optimal performance for the client’s need-while providing the client with huge savings on the in-house assembly of mating parts.

Use Crescent Plastics for your Custom Plastic Products

We at Crescent Plastics are proud of our ability to adapt and create custom solutions that meet our customer’s needs. Our team of professionals work with you and offer design suggestions that best fit your needs. Please submit a pricing request to begin your custom display unit project.