Prototype Tooling Services to Support High Volume Production

To assist our customers with fit and function, Crescent offers two options for prototyping parts. Crescent can make 3D printed plastic prototypes or build prototype extrusion dies. Prototyping allows you to test your design prior to its manufacturing, giving you a better idea of the design’s feasibility.

The 3D printing technology method produces a scale model of your part or product quickly, saving you valuable production time.

Benefits of 3D Printed Plastic Prototypes

This type of tooling is not suitable for high volume, but 3D printing services produce samples in smaller lead times, saving you valuable time. In addition, using prototype tooling can decrease overall tooling costs by utilizing prototype components.

Prototyping with 3D printing also provides:

  • Works seamlessly with CAD design files
  • Quicker testing and design refining ability
  • Cost-effective
  • Customization freedom

In addition, 3-D printing capability is available to provide prototypes for shape and fit analysis. Parts are made from PLA material and are opaque with a somewhat rough surface resulting from the printing process. The surface can be sanded for a smoother finish.

Crescent Plastics’ Plastic Prototyping Capabilities

For most materials and shapes, Crescent can also provide in-house prototype extrusion dies to produce parts that are representative of production quality including the exact:

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With our prototype tooling capabilities, we provide fast, quality plastic prototyping, reducing lead times and overall tooling costs. No matter your design or intended application, we can work with you to create fast plastic prototypes to meet your needs.

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