Specialized Marking Options

Pipe marking is used to add logos, barcodes, serial numbers and text to PVC and ABS tubes for identification purposes. Pipe labeling is also used to indicate directional flow or identify pipes carrying potentially hazardous substances. The type tube marking used depends on the environmental conditions of the intended application. Harsh environments involving chemicals or extreme temperatures will need a more durable and permanent solution than general applications such as household plumbing.

a custom PVC plastic extrusion with three lines of words printed

There are various tube markings to provide a permanent or semi-permanent solution for labeling PVC and ABS piping. Available options for labeling plastic tubing can include:

  • Color-coded labels
  • Inkjet printing

Pipe Labeling for Identification and Workplace Safety

Pipe labeling assists not only with branding and identifying products but can also play a crucial role in workplace safety. Labeling your tubing has several benefits and purposes including:

  • Identifying information including material type, sizing information or manufacturer’s name
  • Providing markings that assist with assembly
  • Indicating part numbers or serial numbers
  • Labeling pipes carrying water and hazardous fluids
  • Specifying flow direction
  • Other custom tube marking purposes
Hallmark Label with Specialized markings

Crescent Plastics offers the plastic ABS and PVC pipe solutions you need, whether you are looking for unmarked PVC tubing or customized pipe labeling. If you are unsure of which pipe marking solution is best for your application, we can help. Contact us for more information.

Labeling PVC Tubing Containing Hazardous Substances

Tube marking is especially important for ensuring workplace safety around piping systems used for hazardous materials. Pipe labeling guidelines for hazardous fluids and water are determined by ASME A13.1 Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems.

These guidelines are a voluntary consensus standard that has not been adopted by OSHA but should still be followed to identify hazardous substances and help prevent accidents and injury. Properly labeled PVC tubing prevents confusion over what substances are contained in a pipe. Proper identification also aids in general maintenance and emergency operations involving redirecting, adjusting or shutting off flow.

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