Recycled Plastic Extrusion Products

In the past, plastic containers were discarded in the trash never to be used again, filling up landfills with valuable material resources that had the potential to be repurposed. With the advancement of technology, we can now manufacture recycled plastic extrusion products from PCR (post consumer recyclable) plastic materials.

Choosing to use post consumer recycled plastic extrusions for your next project is a simple, cost-effective solution that contributes to a healthier, “greener” environment. At Crescent Plastics, we believe in sustainability. That is why we use recycled plastic pellets made from HDPE detergent and fabric softener bottles which are converted into plastic extrusions for new industrial products.

To learn more about our HDPE sustainable recycled plastic extrusion products and polycarbonate extruded plastic profiles, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 812-428-9305. Crescent Plastics is your trusted source for environmentally friendly PCR plastic materials.

Going Green with HDPE Recycled Extruded Plastic Profiles

With changes in climate and extreme weather patterns occurring with increased frequency, there is a massive green initiative that is currently sweeping across the globe. The trend for material products is no longer one and done. The buying masses are concerned with product sustainability and environmental impact like never before. Due to this change in buying behavior OEMs are reporting increased interest in extruders designed especially for recycling.

Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Options

Crescent Plastics offers a broad range of recycled plastic extrusion products to suit your custom project needs. Our recycled post consumer plastic extrusions are extremely strong, durable, and flexible, providing the same reliability as new plastics. Since we stock several different types of PCR plastic materials and can manufacture your custom profile designs, we can get you the recycled plastic extrusion products you need when you need them. At Crescent Plastics, we can create high-quality recycled plastic extrusion products from the following materials:

  • HDPE
  • Polycarbonate

Recycled Plastic Extrusion Advantages

Consumers care about whether a business is being socially responsible and place a great deal of importance in implementing environmentally friendly business practices. It is extremely important that reusable plastic products are kept out of landfills and recycled through various means. Improved recycling practices for HDPE detergent and fabric softener bottles helps to create new products and improve waste reduction. Practical post consumer recycled plastic benefits include:

  • Significant waste reduction
  • Cost-friendly
  • Landfill reduction
  • Provides future regulation compliance

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Crescent Plastics is proud to provide premium post consumer recycled plastic extrusions manufactured from HDPE plastic bottles and Polycarbonate products. If you have questions on our exclusive recycled plastic extrusion product manufacturing capabilities, get in touch with our sales team or request a pricing quote today.