Custom Plastic Coextrusions

A coextrusion is a plastic extrusion made with two thermoplastic materials. Coextrusions are useful when the desired characteristics cannot be obtained through a monolayer or single material extrusion. Crescent Plastics has extensive experience in creating custom extrusions and coextrusions, and can provide coextruded plastic profiles with two similar or dissimilar materials that will bond together into a single, seamless piece.

The coextrusion process opens up a wide range of possibilities for custom plastic extrusions. Some of the more common coextrusions we produce include:

  • Clear & opaque materials
  • Different colored materials
  • Rigid & flexible materials
  • A thin capstock over a thicker substrate
  • Flexible “living hinges” joining two rigid materials
  • and more

Request a quote on custom coextrusions, or contact Crescent Plastics to discuss the custom plastic extrusions you need. 

Turnkey Custom Extrusion & Coextrusion Capabilities

We have the expertise and the advanced technology needed to manufacture coextrusions for nearly any industry or application. No matter how simple or complex your end product, we can help you take your concept from the design stages through prototyping and full production.

We can help you select the best combination of materials to achieve your performance goals. We utilize a wide range of commodity thermoplastics, engineering thermoplastics, and foam materials in our custom extrusion processes, and will work with you to determine what materials are needed for your unique application. We can provide custom plastic extrusions in an almost unlimited array of colors and with a wide range of custom finishes.

To ensure that your custom plastic coextrusions match all required dimensions and tolerances, we perform all tool design, tool build, and tool development work in-house.

Fabricated Custom Plastic Extrusions

Crescent Plastics also provides a variety of plastic fabrication and value-added services to give you complete parts that match your end designs and are ready to use upon arrival.

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We are the proven experts in custom extrusion and coextrusion. Request a quote or contact Crescent Plastics for the plastic coextrusions your application requires.