Custom PVC Pipe

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Custom PVC Tubing

Custom PVC Tubing with no markings

Custom PVC Tubing Multicolored

Custom PCV Tubing in Various Colors

PVC Tubing with 4.5” Outside Diameter

Tubing up to 4.5 inches Outside Diameter

Custom PVC Tubing & Pipe

Crescent Plastics provides custom PVC plastic pipe and PVC tubing for a wide variety of applications. We will customize to your preferences, including colored plastic tubing, custom plastic tubing, length, and secondary operations. Our equipment is geared to supply high volume production runs for custom plastic tubing. 

We offer the following custom options:

  • Custom sizes from ½” OD to 4.5” OD
  • Custom colored tubing
  • Custom plastic tubing
  • Custom lengths
  • Secondary operations including drilling and fabricating
  • PVC pipe NO markings
  • PVC tubing
  • Special packaging
  • Furniture Grade or Commodity Grade PVC
  • Standard pipe size: (minimum order size 10,000 feet)
    • 1” SDR 21
    • 1 ¼” Sch 40
    • 1 ½” Sch 40
    • 2” SDR 26
    • 2 ½” SDR 26
    • 3” SDR 26
    • 4” SDR 26 

When your need arises for custom plastic tubing—specifically high volume tubing and piping with custom needs—our team can accommodate your most creative applications. 

Request a quote today for your most demanding PVC tubing and PVC plastic pipe needs.

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