Custom PVC Pipe

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Custom PVC Tubing

Custom PVC Tubing with no markings

PVC Tubing with 4.5” Outside Diameter

Tubing up to 4.5 inches Outside Diameter

Custom PVC Tubing & Pipe

We provide commodity PVC tubing and pipe in custom colors, lengths, packaging, and printed or unprinted depending on your application. Custom PVC plastic pipe is an excellent choice for outdoor applications and ease of fabrication. Crescent can drill or fabricate your PVC tubing to create modified shapes that will meet your most creative applications as well as commodity grade formulations in pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" O.D. to 4 1/2" O.D. We can also provide 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" O.D., (the most commonly used sizes), in furniture grade PVC pipe with custom colors.

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