Custom ABS Pipe & Tube

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is a thermoplastic resin first developed in the 1950s in oil, gas, and chemical operations. ABS tube and pipe systems provide a smoother interior finish, superior flow and are more accessible and less expensive to install than metal piping. Compared to metal pipe and tube, custom ABS pipe and tube plastic fittings deliver superior functionality and prolonged performance.

Are you looking for an ultra-reliable source for your ABS pipe and tube product needs? Crescent Plastics is one of the top five profile extruders in the country. We can provide custom ABS plastic pipe and tube fittings for your most challenging and high volume orders. Contact us to learn more about our ABS plastic tube and pipe product options, or give us a call at 812-428-9305.


ABS Plastic Pipe & Tube Advantages

Due to its many practical qualities, custom ABS pipe and tube products are now the preferred choices for residential and commercial construction projects. Some of the most significant advantages that plastic ABS pipe and tube products provide includes:

  • Lighter, easier to work with, and less expensive than metal tube or pipe
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • The smooth interior finish provides superior flow
  • Resistant to mechanical damage, even in low temperatures
  • Maintain their performance at temperatures as high as 176° F (80° C).
  • Stronger, abrasion-resistant, and has a higher impact than PVC
  • Ideal for frigid outside environments and underground applications
  • Better cold temperature impact than PVC. 
  • Often used for drain, waste, and vent piping or sewer systems.
  • Some plumbing codes restrict ABS from being glued to PVC.  Both materials can be glued to fittings using pipe cement or glue.


Custom ABS Plastic Pipe Sizes

Crescent Plastics offers a wide variety of ABS tube and pipe products in standard diameters, lengths, and colors to meet the needs of your application. Available plastic tubing sizes range from 0.188” O.D. to 4.5” O.D. Various packaging options and personalized printing are available as needed.

We can supply nominal and custom ABS pipe and tube sizes to meet your unique O.D. and wall thickness requirements. Our capabilities include online and offline fabrication processes to provide complete extruded tubing products that match your specifications.


Our ABS pipe can be tailor-made for your application. Customizable features include:

  • Diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Length
  • Color
  • Printing (if needed)
  • Packaging


ABS vs. PVC Plastic Piping Extrusions

The use of white PVC vs. black ABS plastic tubing material for your construction and plumbing applications will depend on the features you would like to integrate into the application’s overall functionality. When comparing white PVC vs. black ABS plastic pipe materials, both are inexpensive, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant while providing great insulation qualities and condensation protection.


Custom ABS Pipe & Tube Markets Served

Whether you are searching for design assistance or cost- and time-saving strategies, Crescent Plastics delivers customized plastic ABS pipe and tube products for nearly any industry. We have the capabilities and the experience to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications. We can deliver with exceptional precision and repeatability no matter what sort of extruded plastic shapes you need. The following is a shortlist of some of the markets we serve:


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Crescent Plastics are the expert extruders you need for all types of custom-made thermoplastic tube and pipe products. We also offer standard and customized polypropylene tubingpolycarbonate tube, and other thermoplastic tube/pipe options.

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