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For over 65 years, Crescent Plastics has been extruding lenses for lighting applications. The lighting industry has recently begun to transition into more energy efficient LED fixtures, and we are part of this technology trend. We’ve been working with material suppliers to develop specific formulations for use in improved acrylic and polycarbonate extrusions, extruded LED lenses, LED light diffuser acrylic lenses, LED light lens covers, and dust covers

From standard acrylic lenses and polycarbonate lenses to UL fire retardant extruded plastic, we have helped OEMs with optimized material properties for optics, diffusion, and overall performance.

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Design Assistance for Lighting Extrusions

Our experienced engineers can assist your team at any stage of your product’s development. For example, if you already have a completed prototype for an extruded LED lens and are ready to move into production, we can move forward from that point.

For more involved projects, our engineers can take your rough sketch or blueprint and join forces with your team to create the best design possible. We also provide 3D printed samples that allow review of fit and assembly ergonomics. Our use of DFM methodology and our expertise in acrylic and polycarbonate extrusion ensure optimized quality and production economics for your lighting project. 

Lighting Extrusion Cost-Saving Strategies

We build all our extrusion dies and downstream tooling in-house, minimizing costs and saving time for our customers. Moreover, DFM methodologies optimize efficiency, which helps our customers get their extruded LED lens products to market sooner, which increases company revenue.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Improved Quality

Our use of online cutting technology enables us to hold tighter tolerances than traditional methods can, providing a more precise end product.

Crescent Plastics: The Clear Choice for Excellent Lighting

Light diffusion and transmission are two of Crescent Plastic’s strongest assets. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to ensure that every extruded LED lens cover we produce allows the end user to create the ambience or lighting scheme that he or she desires. 

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