Electric Wiring Channels

Electric wiring channels, also known as electric channel raceways or plastic channels, are linear extruded profiles that are used to organize and protect cables and wiring in numerous home, commercial, industrial, medical applications. Electric channel raceways have a range of uses including extending wiring circuits, routing cables and wiring, organizing cords, protecting and insulating cables and wiring, mounting electrical wiring, and more.

Plastic channels are created by heating raw plastic resin until it becomes molten, then forcing it through channels and into a die to shape the plastic into a continuous profile. Once the channel raceway is expelled from the die and allowed to cool, it is cut to size and shipped. Plastic extrusion is a highly customizable process, allowing for wire channel plastic profiles to be produced with single or multiple channels and using a range of different thermoplastic materials.

Types of Extruded Electrical Channels  

Insulation ChannelPlastic channels can be used for electrical housing, cable trunking, tracking for electrical power supplies, and more. In addition to providing cable management, wire channel plastic profiles prevent tangling and wire damage that could lead to sparking that causes fires. They also prevent trip hazards by neatly organizing cords that run along floors and walls.

Wire channel plastic profiles can be square, rectangular, rounded, flat or domed-shaped depending on the type of application. Length, width, and diameter can also be fully customized based on your cable management requirements. Some of the more common configurations for extruded electrical channels include:

  • J-channel
  • H-channel
  • U-channel
  • 2-channel
  • 3-channel

Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Tubing (PVC) for Electric Wiring

Insulation Bus Bar

Flexible PVC tubing can be designed for electrical tubing and electrical insulating applications. The flame-resistant PVC features a wide operating temperature range -30° C to 105° C and outstanding physical and electrical insulating properties. The PVC tubing can be used as a wiring harness covering, or as a terminal and splice insulation where low cost, mechanical toughness, and flame resistance are important. The PVC material is flame retardant, low odor, and lead-free.

Noryl ® PPO (Polyphenylene Ether and Styrene) and Xyron ® Polyphenylene Ether/PPO materials used in applications for low voltage electrical channels, electrical base pans, and covers. These materials perform well in sustained raised temperatures, excellent hydraulic stability, good dimensional stability, and good electrical insulation properties.

Plastic Channels Are Ideal for Industrial and Electrical Applications

Unlike metal electric channel raceways, plastic channels resist corrosion and will not dent or scratch. They are a durable solution that can be manufactured in various colors to match a surface finish or for color coding electrical wires and cables. Wire channel plastic profiles can be mounted on virtually any surface or installed in molding and drywall and are manufactured in various configurations to meet a wide range of industrial and electrical application requirements.

Custom Wire Channel Plastic Profiles for Electrical Applications

Insulation Sleeve

Crescent Plastics Incorporated manufactures custom electric channel raceways for cable management and electrical applications. Electric wiring channels provide a safe alternative to having exposed cables and electrical wires and are ideal for routing wires or cords to lighting, appliances, and more. Our extruded electrical channels help protect cords from corrosion or damage and insulate electrical wiring to prevent electric shock.

We provide custom electric channel raceway solutions and offer a range of thermoplastic materials, including flexible and rigid options, to meet your application requirements. Request a quote for extruded electrical channels or contact us to discuss your cable management requirements.

Selecting the Appropriate Plastic Channel for Your Cable Management Needs

When designing your wire plastic channel profile, it is important to consider the length needed and well as the diameter of the wires and cables that are being bundled in the plastic channel. Your electrical channel raceway should also be designed to neatly organize electrical wiring to prevent tangling while still providing easy access to wires and cords. 

Consider color coding your plastic channels for applications with multiple wiring or cabling systems for easy identification. This can make it easier for you to quickly identify cables and electrical wiring for troubleshooting.

Design Assistance for Extruded Electrical Channels

Crescent Plastics provides full engineering, design and tooling services to help create custom electric wiring channels that meet your exact requirements. Whether you need a wire channel plastic profile prototype or a high volume run of plastic channels, we can provide the custom solutions you need. We have several quality assurance policies in place and constantly work to improve our processes to provide you with high-quality plastic extrusions.

Contact Us to Learn More About Extruded Electrical Channels

Request a quote for your electric wiring channels today or contact to discuss your unique electrical application requirements. We provide engineering, design and tooling services for custom extrusions and provide specialty plastic extrusion services including assembly, kitting and more.