Custom Plastic Outdoor Signage

When exposed to outdoor elements, many plastics can fade or become brittle because they are not inherently UV stable. Over time, solar radiation, fluctuating temperatures, moisture, pollutants, and atmospheric gasses can damage plastics.

However, sign-grade plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate provide a durable, lightweight solution to exterior signage. Additional UV stabilizers and resistant caps can also be added to plastic materials for added protection and weatherability.

Crescent Plastics provides light lenses, exterior signage, and architectural extrusions for use in convenience stores, gas stations, and many other applications. We can also provide custom plastic sign frames in a range of fabricated shapes, materials, colors, and other custom options.

Design Cababilities for Plastic Outdoor Signage

a large, red plastic profile for use as a petroleum store canopy

When using plastic for exterior purposes, there are a few factors that could affect the durability or long-lasting quality of the material. These aspects include:

  • Latitude position on the Earth
  • Temperature and humidity range of area
  • Orientation of the sign in relation to the sun
  • Plastic sign geometry
  • Color of the material
  • Mechanical stresses on the part


Benefits of Plastic Exterior Signage

When the proper plastics are chosen for the outdoor application, the material can offer many benefits. Depending on the material, each plastic offers unique qualities. For example, acrylic has the advantage of superior UV stability and outstanding light transmission, while polycarbonate has added durability and high impact strength. All weather-resistant and UV stable plastic materials offer a few similar benefits, however.

Outstanding Aesthetic Properties in Light Situations

a long, red, custom plastic extrusion for use as a convenience store canopy

In the reflected light of daylight, and even in transmitted lights of back-lit signs, plastic has great visual appeal. Plastic can be designed to diffuse light from LED lamps with lighting plastic sheets, enhancing the appearance of these LED back-lit signs.

Easy to Form Into Complex Shapes

Because the signs are made from plastic, they are easier to mold and create unique shapes that meet your application needs. Crescent Plastics can create custom extruded plastic signs in whatever complex shape you need.

Wide Range of Colors to Choose From

Plastic also has the advantage of coming in a wide range of colors. Plastic materials can be created in whatever color matches your advertising needs. Materials like acrylic and polycarbonate are also easy to paint, print, or apply adhesives.

Increased Durability

Plastic signs can withstand outdoor conditions with minimal fading, cracking, or degradation. They are able to endure heavy usage without damage or losing their clean, clear look.

Cost-effective Material

Plastics tend to be cheaper than other materials like aluminum that are also often used for outdoor signs. Plastic materials allow you to create beautiful, durable signs without breaking the bank.

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