PVC Piping for Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration & Diffuser Systems

Wastewater treatment plant aeration piping systems require modern piping solutions to handle large quantities of liquid material. PVC piping is the best choice for industrial wastewater treatment plant aeration systems; they provide excellent beneficial qualities, including enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, eco-friendly material attributes, and lower replacement and maintenance costs.

Crescent Plastics is your trusted source for aeration system PVC piping for wastewater treatment plants. Whether your treatment plant utilizes a bubble diffuser, coarse bubble diffuser, or surface aeration wastewater treatment process, we manufacture and distribute high-quality PVC pipe for your system needs.

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We have increased our capabilities and can produce Customized PVC tubing and pipe in 20 foot lengths.  We can tailor your PVC tubing and pipe to custom lengths up to 20 feet with special packaging, colors, and printing requirements for your Aeration Plant needs.

To learn more about PVC aeration piping options, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 812-428-9305. Crescent Plastics is your trusted source for premium aeration system PVC piping.

 New Custom PVC pipe sizes

Wastewater Treatment Plant Custom PVC Aeration Piping Features

At Crescent Plastics, we manufacture and supply large quantities of PVC piping for all types of wastewater treatment plant filtration processes. PVC pipe is regarded as one of the most reliable, cleanest, and cost-friendly ways to transport wastewater. Crescent Plastics’ PVC aeration piping includes the following features:

  • Slow wear rate
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-free
  • High C value
  • Installs quickly

PVC Pipe Advantage for Aeration Projects

When you work with Crescent Plastics, you’re teaming with the most reliable plastic extrusion company in the industry. For over 60 years, Crescent Plastics has consistently delivered finished extruded profile products designed to meet or exceed customer expectations. Crescent Plastics provides the following aeration system PVC pipe advantages:

  • 2% TiO2 PVC pipe available
  • ASTM markings
  • 20 ft lengths
  • Special packaging
  • Flatbed loading

Custom PVC Piping for Wastewater Treatment Aeration & Diffuser Systems

PVC piping is used for all types of wastewater treatment aeration and diffuser systems. Crescent Plastic can manufacture and supply all order-size quantities of PVC piping throughout Indiana for the following types of wastewater treatment aeration and diffuser systems.

  • Fine bubble diffusers
  • Coarse bubble diffusers
  • Surface aeration

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Contact us for aeration and diffuser PVC piping options for modern wastewater treatment plants or request a quote for specific pricing details today. Crescent Plastics is your trusted source for premium wastewater treatment plant aeration and diffuser PVC piping.